What we do

Dental Management Services

Human Resources

We promote an environment that is safe, healthy, and respectful. We support our partner’s leadership team and ensure they have the tools necessary to provide outstanding care to patients and each other. We promote the highest professional standards and make the business and practice of dentistry fun and rewarding.
We believe our partners should be rewarded financially and personally for all that they accomplish. We also strive to offer our partners a professional and comfortable environment to work in.

Billing & Collections

Our Dental Billing Account Management team are experts in providing a professional administration of all insurance billing in your practice. Our Account Management will assist your business in maximizing the revenue it generates to give you the best return on your investment. Contact us to discuss how we can assist in managing your team’s dental billing and collections requirements. Contact us for all of your accounting and bookkeeping needs.

Recruitment & Hiring

An office administration support personnel is in place to help maximize office efficiency and streamline workflow within your practice. We help you and your staff accomplish what is needed without the headache of manual time and payroll tracking. On-going training keeps your staff up to date on current procedures, helps them develop skills, and builds their confidence. In a rapidly changing and ever-evolving field, our team of on-site trainers is there to help ensure that your practice is kept up to date with changes, and that your staff can perform quality services using up-to-date techniques.


We develop targeted marketing programs to enhance your brand and position your practice in the minds of the people who are going to be responsible for placing your dentistry with future patients. Through creative advertising and sales promotion, we reach people in their homes and places where they work and play, giving them information about the services you provide. We have the capabilities to produce a multitude of unique marketing and sales promotional materials to meet your specific needs and budget.


Our partners received a thorough examination of their systems and processes, providing them with valuable and reliable guidance. Our comprehensive approach includes review and analysis of all relevant areas of regulatory, legal and public policy for your organization. Through this approach, partners are encouraged to take full advantage of their organization's strengths, build on their strengths and improve or eliminate weaknesses that could hinder their organization's ability to fully comply with the law.


Conducting audits. Conducting quality control reviews. Developing and maintaining procedures for obtaining licenses. Monitoring the office’s income and expenses. Comparing the revenues and expenses to the target. Maintaining accounts and accounts receivable, with the help of accountants. Preparing financial statements for the dental office. Keeping records of personnel and administrative expenditures, including the payroll system.